Store It

Revolution is a strong word. But there is no better way to describe the genuine revolution the AirScape is bringing to the food storage industry.

Somehow air-tight or vaccu-tight has caught on as a marketing gimmick to sell canisters with lids on them. But the air is still in there!

In fact, every time someone opens up an “air tight” canister there are millions upon millions of oxygen molecules left inside destroying flavor and freshness. Only the AirScape with its patented inner lid pushes the air out and allows contents to truly be stored fresh. Essentially the AirScape lid moves inside the canister WITH the contents. It’s super simple, and super effective. It’s hard to imagine kitchens now without an array of AirScapes in use.

AirScapes can be used for storing a lot of things, but they’re especially great for storing coffee, tea, nuts, cereal, rice, brown sugar, herbs, spices, and even fresh fruit like blueberries and strawberries.

The AirScape — Air is out, fresh is in!